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everybody! Welcome to the EnglishBlog. In this podcast, you’ll be
learning some interesting survival English on when to use “in case” and
when to use “if”.
Before starting, let me first explain that the lesson is divided into two parts:
PART ONE: you’ll be learning the difference between “in case” and “if”.
PART TWO: you’ll be listening to a couple preparing to go on holiday.
So let’s start!

Woman: Do you know when to use “in case” and when to use “if”? If not listen and learn.

Woman: “In case” is not the same as “if”. We use “in case” to say why somebody does something. You do something now “in case” something happens later. It gives a reason for the action. You do something because it is possible something will happen.

Now listen to these examples:

Man: I’ll give you my phone number in case you need to contact me.

Man: You should insure your luggage in case it is stolen.

Man: I will photocopy my passport in case I lose it.

Woman: “In case” appears similar to “if” and is often confused with it. But the two are completely different. The second part of an “if” sentence is dependant on the condition given by the “if” part of the sentence. 

For example:

Man: If you need to contact me, call me on this number.

Man: If you don’t insure your luggage, you won’t get any compensation.

Man: If your passport is stolen, you should contact the police.

Woman: Now let’s listen to these words in the dialogue: pay attention to how they are used.

Woman: There’s only one more hour and the taxi will be here to take us to the airport. Let’s double check everything.

Man: Have you left the key with the neighbour in case the alarm goes off?

Woman: Yes.

Man: Have you written down all the bank and credit card help numbers, in case somebody steals my wallet?

Woman: Yes.

Man: What will we do if we can’t take all this hand luggage onboard?

Woman: If we can’t take all this hand luggage onboard, we’ll just have to repack at the airport.

Man: Have you packed jackets and an umbrella, in case it rains?

Woman: If it rains in Barbados, we can buy an umbrella there, I’m not taking up space in our suitcases with silly things.

Man: OK, well I think that’s everything. Let’s just check our passports and travel documents are safe, and we can relax until the taxi comes.

Woman: I hope he’s not late. What will we do if he’s late?

Man: Sit down and relax, we have plenty of time, and if he is late, we’ll call the taxi company, and I can always drive if necessary.

Woman: OK, put the kettle on then, and remember to unplug it after you’ve made the tea.

Man: Yes, dear.

Woman: If you wish you can hear this lesson again. In the meantime we hope we have helped you to be more confident with your English. Watch out for the next topic. Thank you for using the EnglishBlog.