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Ted: So, Susan, do you have anything planned for this Saturday?

Susan: Uh, I’m kind of busy. Why do you ask?

Ted: Oh, I was wondering if you’d like to get together and do something, like catch a movie or take a walk down by the lake.

Susan: I’d love to, but I’m really going to be busy all day on Saturday.

Ted: What do you have going on that day?

Susan: First, my mom asked me to help clean the house in the morning, and then I have a dentist appointment at 12:30. I can’t miss that ’cause I’ve canceled twice before.

Ted: Well, what about after that?

Susan: Well, I’m going to be running around all day. After the dentist appointment, I need to meet Julie at 2:00 to help her with her science project that’s due on Monday morning at school.

Ted: Okay, but are you free after that?

Susan: Hardly. then I have to pick up my brother from soccer practice at 4:30, and my mom asked me to cook dinner for the family at 5:30. I feel like a slave sometimes. Then, I have to clean the dishes and finish reading my history assignment. Who knows how long THAT’ll take.

Ted: Wow, sounds like you’re going to have a full day. Hey listen, why don’t I come over later in the evening, and we can make some popcorn and watch a movie.

Susan: Oh, that’d be great, but our video machine is broken.

Ted. Huh. Well, let’s just play a game or something.

Susan: Sounds good, but give me a call before you come. My mom might try to come up with something else for me to do.