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Sport & Fitness #2 | Deutsch 7/28/2019

hallo hallo da bin ich wieder es geht weiter mit verschiedenen (various) ausdrücken (espression) und begriffen (understood) zum thema sport so der nächste satz ist ich bin zu faul (lazy) zum trainieren ich esse lieber chips und schokolade vor dem…
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Sport & Fitness #1 | Deutsch 7/28/2019

  Hallo hallo ich grüße euch wisst ihr was mein größtes problem ist nein es ist nicht die zeit die zeit ist auch problematisch weil ich immer zu wenig habe und deswegen (therefore) schlaf (sleep) ich meistens zu wenig aber…
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Free Video Lesson: Introduction to Radar Systems 7/14/2018

This set of 10 lectures (about 11+ hours in duration) was excerpted from a three-day course developed at MIT Lincoln Laboratory to provide an understanding of radar systems concepts and technologies to military officers and DoD civilians involved in radar…
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Si vuole analizzare sperimentalmente e in simulazione con il computer un semplice sistema di modulazione e demodulazione AM. Come modulatore AM si utilizzerà un modulatore a transistor con modulazione ad emettitore. Per la demodulazione è usato il noto rilevatore a diodo. MODULATORE E…
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il presente capitolo descrive ottimamente tutti gli stadi di amplificatore elementari eseguiti con il BJT DISPENSE    

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Transform Raspberry PI to cast audio and use an Android phone as a remote 1/6/2019

Raspberry Pi can be used for multiple purpose but this one of the most interesting: transform Raspberry PI to stream radio channel and use Android phone/tablet as a remote with the RS_player APP that you can download from here.  I…
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How to stream radios (.m3u, .pls) on Chromecast audio 1/6/2019

Google Chromecast audio normally is not able to accept directly radio streaming address but there is a nice and easy way to send any .m3u or .pls links to Chromecast audio using an android phone/tablet with the RS_player APP that…
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wordpress shortcode inside json output from jquery request 12/30/2018

shortcode is a common way form wordpress to get some nice result from some plug in. The shortcode is processed by the server that provides as output javascript code after executed by the local browser. Some advanced WordPress developer can…
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how to stream .m3u8 on chromecast 12/27/2018

Google chromecast normally is not able to accept directly streaming address but there is a nice and easy way to send any .m3u8 link to chromecast using an android phone/tablet with the TVS_player APP. The APP is easy to use….
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The radio has been listening for so many years but still it has success and it is always revolutionary. Currently, everyone is able to broadcast the radio around the world thanks to Internet. The future of the radio is obvious:…
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