how to stream .m3u8 on chromecast

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Google chromecast normally is not able to accept directly streaming address but there is a nice and easy way to send any .m3u8 link to chromecast using an android phone/tablet with the TVS_player APP.

The APP is easy to use.  You need to have an account in and after create a channel with the .m3u8 links that you want. Also multiple .m3u8 can be associated with the same channel.

A channel is defines with a name, short description, icon and multiple links .m3u8 

Only you can see the channels that you created but you can also share them with the flag “public”. All public channels created are included in an internal search engine if approved by administrator.  

With this internal search engine, you can easily add public channels to your account. Of course you cannot modify public channel added from search engine.

All channels added in your account are also visible in the TVS_player app (in the tab remote channel, after that you are logged in). If you “take” this channel in the local playlist, you can play the channel to chromecast device. 

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