How to certificate the Android APP on Aptoide

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An App can be certified in Aptoide in the follow way:

  1. in Android Studio 

  2. create a new keystore 

    the file signatureUpdated3.jks is created in the path assigned and clicking on “OK” the release Apk is created in the default folder /build/outputs/apk

  3. in Aptoide account, the certificate APP has to be added
  4. Upload the certificate Apk created in android studio (in the folder /build/outputs/apk)
  5. finally the certificate has to be added in Aptoide

    1. dowload the apk generate after bullet 2. 
    2. rename the download apk on Desktop (e.g. Unsigned.apk)
    3. download the apk-signer here:
    4. execute the apk-signed with the follow command line:
      java -jar apk-signer-1.8.5.jar
    5. load the jks file
    6. Add the same password used in bullet 2.
    7. finally Add the apk file created in bullet ii. (e.g. Unsigned.apk) and click the button Sign!
    8. un file called “SIGNED_…apk” is created on Desktop. This file has to be loaded here on point 3.  (the same form used in the bullet 5.)
    9. The APP is now certified. However Aptoide need time (with Antivirus and tools) to certify internally the updated APP
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